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Sustainability & Community

We are deeply committed to preserving this area for future generations


  • Khoj is powered predominantly by hydropower.  We plan to add solar and wind in the coming years.

  • We use energy efficient LED lights.

  • We have planted hundreds of trees all over our property to offset emissions.

  • We use natural materials like bamboo, reed, stone, and wood instead of plastic-based materials.

  • We minimize light pollution so you can continue to enjoy beautiful dark skies.

  • We compost food waste into our organic garden.

  • We are reusing all of the wood that we cut down onsite.

  • We are plastic-free.  No single-use plastic bathroom products, water bottles or bags.

  • We have our own reverse-osmosis water filtration system to eliminate plastic water bottle usage.

  • Our sewage system ensures that no contaminants go back into the groundwater or river.


  • We hire a percentage of our workers locally so that we bring money into the local economy.

  • We source local artists and craftspeople for furnishings, art and photography.

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